Origins of Irish Warmblood National Stud

Knowing that Ireland needs more excellent young stallions to create modern showjumping and eventing horses a representative of IWNS reached out to some of the largest and most successful stallion owners in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France and shared our vision with them. The IWNS asked the owners to send an outstanding stallion to stand at stud in Ireland and be produced in sport by our very talented riders. Each owner offered the group one or more stallions.

After thoroughly researching the eighteen offered stallions IWNS asked the WSI Stallion Inspection Committee to evaluate the short list of five candidates and to inspect several of them. Although all the offered stallions were exceptionally well-bred the Board only wanted an outstanding modern stallion with a lot of blood that will suit mares in Ireland. The Board also took very seriously its stewardship of the shareholders’ capital, and consequently the financial terms of any potential lease had to be conservative and prudent.


The Stallion Inspection Committee approved the Holsteiner stallion Clarcon (Casall x Cassini I x Heraldik xx). This top-class 7-year-old Premium Stallion is owned by the Holsteiner Verband, an important source of genetics for every showjumping studbook in the world. He has been leased to Irish Warmblood National Stud for two years in a ground-breaking collaboration.

Our vision is driven by a passion for horses and breeding for top sport, both showjumping and eventing. We aim to grow from eleven to 149 shareholders (the maximum number of shareholders allowed by Irish law). Along with standing outstanding modern stallions such as Clarcon we will acquire stallion prospects from Irish Warmblood breeders and find for our shareholders and customers superior fillies and mares directly from breeders on the continent. In future years we will acquire land and facilities to permanently house the Irish Warmblood National Stud.

But first we focus on world-class genetics, not land and buildings, as this is how our international competitiveness will be rebuilt. 

We hope you join us as a customer, shareholder, and active participant.

Together we can transform our industry and restore our legacy.

On our own terms.
And in our own way.

The Irish way.

Ireland AbĂș.