Irish Warmblood National Stud

Owned by breeders. Controlled by breeders. Serving breeders.

Irish Warmblood National Stud

IWNS advances the Irish Warmblood breed and drives progress in Ireland's sport horse breeding industry. We work closely with the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland, the Irish Warmblood Foundation, and progressive breeders and stallion owners in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Owned by breeders, controlled by breeders, and serving breeders, we strive to provide you with an efficient service while operating with a social mission: Transformation of our industry and restoration of our international competitiveness in showjumping breeding. Over 40% of the share in IWNS are owned by Irish Warmblood Foundation, guaranteeing that our mission and focus will always be preserved. And by using an IWNS stallion you support the Foundation's charitable mission and help to sustain employment in the Irish sport horse industry.

In 2018 we offer showjumping and eventing breeders a fantastic modern stallion, the likes of which Ireland has not seen before: Clarcon

When you use an Irish Warmblood National Stud stallion you are supporting the rapid development of your own breeding program and the transformation of our industry.

Together we will build a new future.



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